Artistic bio - "Ecce Homo"

Towards the end of the "Mother & Child" period, the father's presence emerges, adding to the mother & child duo. In the beginning, this is a suggested presence only.

Marie-Lydie Joffre continues to explore the Nude. She experiments with mixed techniques such as pastel and oil, pastel and marble powder. In contrast with those refined materials, she also likes to limit herself to rawer materials such as charcoal, red chalk or black chalk drawing on a white medium in the quest for authenticity.

The themes center upon the couple and the masculine body. Color plays a less important role; the works become more sculptural and more spontaneous.

Marie-Lydie Joffre's mastery of pastels allows her to explore new dimensions of the medium. Currently, as she experiments on new surfaces, she is exploring its vertiginous qualities.
Alliance française de San Francisco, Program of events (April 1997)
Main exhibitions related to this period
April 1997
Alliance française, San Francisco
May - Jul 1996
Château Pech-Latt, Lagrasse, France
May - Jun 1996
Hôtel Frantour, Montpellier, France
Jan - Feb 1995
Galerie du Haut Palmier, Montpellier, France